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"Slash is one of the most emotional guitar players that I’ve ever met or ever seen. Coming from Indiana I used to play with this guitar player named Paul and I learned about blues and emotionalism through him and he was a big Page fanatic. And then I came to L.A. and I saw all these people trying to to be Eddie Van Halen and it took 5 years to find somebody who played more from the heart rather than just trying to be the fastest or trying to be this or that to be a big rock star, someone who, like, he’d be really quiet most of the time and really won’t let a lot of himself out till he picks up a guitar and then his heart and soul seems to pour out through the guitar. I sit down a lot of times at shows, I sit down right at the stage right in front of him when he’s doing a solo, because, to me, it means just so much to hear that.” Axl Rose, 1988

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